Siltran SYN 5

Siltran SYN 5

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Silktran Race SYN 5 1 liter. Syntetisk racing gear oil

For high power outputs and hypoid applic

Rally proven in sequential gearboxes and active transmissions. SILKTRAN SYN 5 gear oil utilises the latest and most thermally stable components available and may be used in equipment subjected to the most arduous duties. Components used incorporate the latest chemistry designed to meet the most recently defined and most stringent gear oil performance criteria.

SILKTRAN SYN 5 fully synthetic gear oil is a multifunction product designed primarily for use in manual transmissions and final drive units, including road and competition limited-slip differentials.

API Classification GL4 & GL5

Suitable for use in most synchromesh gearboxes and final drives – embraces traditional synchromesh gear oil performance (API GL4) and hypoid axle performance (API GL5) in one product.